Finding a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Professional for your Irrigation Systems

Finding a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Professional for your Irrigation Systems

Installing an irrigation system is an essential requirement for any farmer. Agricultural irrigation professionals help you get a solution that suits your needs.

When you are selecting a professional to design and install your irrigation it is essential to know their experiences and proficiency level. Qualified agricultural irrigation professionals use their skills to access your needs and provide irrigation solutions that enhance your water savings while surpassing your farming expectations.

As a farmer, you have the right to find out all the relevant information about an irrigation professional to ensure they meet your standards. The guide below will help you to find the right agricultural irrigation professional for your farm.


Get to know the professional’s qualifications. They should have undergone formal training and certified by the irrigation association. The professional should be able to tell you about their previous successful projects and provide a list of references together with a valid contractor’s license. These documents show that the professional has the required knowledge and skills for the task.

Irrigation Association certification is proof that the professional has the required skills for irrigation practices. The association requires professionals to complete continuing education to maintain their certification and also stay up to date on new irrigation development solutions.

Having a valid business license shows the professional’s commitment to the agriculture and irrigation industry. It shows their willingness to keep up with emerging technological changes and irrigation trends. You should also find out if the agricultural irrigation business has equipped the team with safety measures to apply at work.


Look for a professional with suitable insurance policies. The workers’ compensation insurance should protect you from probable liability in case a contractor gets hurt while on the job. You should ensure the contractor has general liability insurance to protect you from uncertainties.

Bidding and Obtaining Contracts

When looking for an agricultural irrigation professional, get several bids for you to compare prices. All proposals should be in writing with the same information on agricultural irrigation solutions. You should not merely assume that low rates result in better value. Certified professionals are more costly, but they provide quality services and better return on investment. The contract should include precise details on workers, start and completion date, payment, materials, and work description. Any modifications to the agreement should be in writing.

Professional’s Expertise

An agricultural irrigation professional should have proper skills in new irrigation systems installation, system renovation and repair, and valve replacement. The experts should have the knowledge to install, repair, and test backflow prevention equipment. They should be able to assess the water needs of your farm and advice on the best system that saves water.

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