Mistakes People Make When Selecting Well Water Treatment Systems

Mistakes People Make When Selecting Well Water Treatment Systems

Selecting a well water treatment system can be challenging for any homeowner, and most end up making several mistakes. A move that can result in homeowners having to replace their water treatment systems just a few months after installing them. After years in the business, you start noticing trends. Outlined below are 5 common mistakes made when selecting a well water treatment system.

Not Testing the Well Water Chemical Composition

Testing the chemical composition of your well water is the key to find the right system because every treatment system has its parameters. For instance, well water usually contains iron, and some may be acidic. However, some iron filters cannot remove the iron if the water is acidic. Therefore, knowing the chemical composition of your well water is essential in coming up with the right treatment system.

Moreover, if you live in Southwest Florida near a gasoline station or an industry, it would be wise to have well tested before you buy a water treatment system. It may contain a range of chemicals that may affect your system. Besides, if there is a septic tank near your area, you should ensure that the water is tested for bacteria. It would be best if you had your well water tested to verify its quality and be sure to do a general mineral test.

Not Understanding How a Well Water Pump System Works

Understanding how a well water pump system works is also essential when buying a water pump. Well water is usually pumped out of the ground using a submerged pump. For instance, some water pumping systems have huge holding tanks that can store water before it is pumped again. However, other water systems usually use gravity to pump water inside your house. Therefore, you need to understand how the pumping system works and ensure that the water treatment system is set up to fit how the pumping system works.

Being Clueless of their Well Pump Flow rate

Well pumps usually have different flow rates based on their design and size. It is quite easy to determine the flow rate of a well water pump. For starters, if it fills a 10-gallon drum in two minutes, it has a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute. Knowing the flow rate of your pump allows you to choose a water treatment system of the right size that will work efficiently with the given flow rate. Ideally, most water treatment systems require a specific flow rate of water because they are self-cleaning and work best with a specific minimum flow rate.

Many buyers make the mistake of buying a water treatment system that has half the pump’s flow rate. In most cases, the water treatment system fails to work efficiently and breaks down after a few months. It is essential to know the pump’s flow rate while selecting a water treatment system so that it does not interfere with your household’s water flow rate. Besides, the flow rate will help you save time.

Additionally, some pumps can be adjusted to allow water to flow at a higher rate. But it would be best to know if yours can allow for adjustments before you purchase the water treatment system. Ensure that you buy the water treatment system that is compatible with your pump’s flow rate.

Not Checking the Condition of the Pressure Gauge

Water pressure is an essential part of selecting an adequate water treatment system. Ideally, any water treatment system reduces the water pressure from your pump as it flows through it. Therefore, your pump’s pressure must be high enough so that even after passing through the water treatment system, you will still have a decent water pressure coming in.

However, some pumps generally have low pressure, which means you have to adjust accordingly so that the pressure is adequate to pass through the treatment system. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your well pump pressure gauge is working to adjust the pressure accordingly. Many people do not confirm this, and it brings them significant inconveniences along the way.

Deciding on the Best Water Treatment System

While water treatment systems remove several pollutants from water, different treatment systems work best in specified conditions. Therefore, it is essential that when choosing a water treatment system, you consider the impurities they remove and all their standard working conditions. Buying a water treatment pump should not just be done on a whim, some research must be done to ensure that you end up with the right product. Also, it is wise to consult water experts if you have no knowledge about the best water treatment system.

Understand the chemical composition of your well water and how your pressure system works. Also, find out the pump’s flow rate and whether your pressure pump gauge is working correctly.

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