July is Smart Irrigation Month: How to Go About Celebrating Smart Water Conservation

July is Smart Irrigation Month: How to Go About Celebrating Smart Water Conservation

July is for summer fun. It’s a time to celebrate the independence of this country, but folks tend to forget that it’s also the month to acknowledge the importance of water.

How can you do that? Well, you do it by practicing water conservation. There are many ways to do this, and you’ll learn about some of them now.

Digging Deep Into Irrigation Month

Irrigation Month is about recognizing the importance of conserving water.

It’s kind of strange to say this when there’s so much water on this planet, yet the reality is only one percent of the water on this planet is drinkable.

That isn’t a lot, so conserving water becomes more important. Smart irrigation refers to tech that helps people use less water on a day-to-day basis.

Companies that care, like Southwest Florida Services & Supply Co, offer irrigation tech that helps water greenery at specific times, for a certain amount of time, and accounts for rainfall.

These systems monitor soil conditions and irrigate only when necessary. This is one example of the technology used to conserve water.

You can honor these efforts by doing the following.

Get Irrigation

If you don’t have a smart irrigation system, this is your month to get one.

Making sure that water comes out only when your garden or greenery needs it is responsible and can save money. Water will no longer be wasted.

Create Awareness

The next thing you can do this month to honor irrigation advancements that conserve water is to create awareness.

You have many ways to campaign nowadays.

You could do it in person with the folks you know or get online and campaign about it through some of your social media platforms.

Essentially, you’re trying to raise awareness, which is essential.

Dig Deeper

The next thing you want to do is dig deeper. A lot of folks don’t know the importance of irrigation or how it works.

Some people don’t even know how irrigation helps water conservation.

If you’re one of these folks, you may want to consider renting or buying some documentaries about the subject.

This will help you become more knowledgeable, which could help you spread this information around.

Learn to Conserve

The next thing you can do is learn to conserve water on your own. You can do many things if you’re willing, both at home and on the farm.

You will have to get used to some of these changes, but you’ll feel better at the end of the day because you are making a difference.

You can consider using tools that help reduce water usage in your home, like a shower head with an on and off switch. This will ensure you can turn off the water while soaping up. If you want and can, you could redo your garden or landscape.

Opt for plants that belong in your region that don’t demand an excessive amount of water.

Try to wash clothes or dishes only when you have a full load and not before that. This means you won’t use your washing machine as often, and that should reduce water usage.

Have your water pipes inspected regularly? Even the most minor leak can waste gallons of water given enough time.

You can talk to a water conservation specialist. Have this person come to your home or farm and inspect it. Let this person’s suggestions help guide your decisions about how to conserve more water at home.

Now that you know a little more about smart irrigation month and why it’s important to recognize it, spread the word.

Despite copious amounts of rain in Southwest Florida in July, we are not immune to water shortages. The Southwest Florida Water Management District recommends that “homeowners with inground irrigation systems observe “Smart Irrigation Month” by taking a moment to tune up their irrigation systems and check their rain shut-off devices”.

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