Smart Irrigation Tips in 2021

Smart Irrigation Tips in 2021

Gone are the days when you need a lot of water for irrigation. There are modern ways of irrigation aiming at water conservation. Smart irrigation is easy to put in place, even in an area where water is scarce.

Research shows using traditional water irrigation methods cause 50% of water loss. So, to save more water, consider implementing smart irrigation tips.

Smart Irrigation Tips on How to Save Irrigation Water

Regularly inspect your irrigation

Regardless of how good the technology is, sometimes, it can fail. It is advisable to inspect your system if there is a leak, break, or any other issue. After receiving your water bill, please keep it safe for future reference.

Collect rainwater

Rain is not available throughout the year. Thus, during the rainy season, make sure to collect and store rainwater as much as possible. Especially the small-scale farmers. It is easy to use rainwater during the dry season to irrigate your farm.

Water recycling

Crops do not need purified water for irrigation. Use reclaimed water, which has more nutrients for your plant. Reclaimed water is less expensive than buying clean water.

Have a watering schedule

Smart irrigation has all the needed technology to make sure no water gets wasted. One of the best technologies is having a timer for your irrigation system. A timer helps you to save time, water, and money. There are two types of timers, which include electronic or battery timers.

When buying the timer, make sure it has a rain sensor that suspends the timer any time there is rain. With the timer, you will have to adjust it once in a while. Also, make sure to water your plants early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid evaporation.

Have a strategy for your land

Before using your land, analyze the farm. Start by identifying features such as dry and damp areas, sunny areas with shades, or any other unique thing that will help you conserve water. You should also research the kind of plant that will do best in that land without excess water needed.

Make plant shades

When the sun is too hot, the water in the soil tends to evaporate. To avoid evaporation, consider making shades for your plants to ensure all the water benefits the plant. Besides, plant shades are the best highlights for landscaping.

Modern smart irrigation methods

After getting the above tips, you need to understand the different techniques to make your irrigation smart. There are two modern ways of smart irrigation, which include:

  • Sprinkler irrigation.
  • Micro-irrigation.

How does modern irrigation operate?

1. Sprinkler water irrigation methods

Sprinkler method of irrigation distributes water to the whole area. Thus, it does only supply water to the plant but the irrigating area in general. This method is best when practiced in greenhouses or glasshouses. The technique increases the farm’s humidity.

2. Micro tubing irrigation

Micro-irrigation is a method where tubes and nozzles distribute water directly to the plant’s roots. This method is best with field farming. The best thing about this farming method is that it reduces water wastage since water gets to the plant depending on its need.

But for the method to be useful, you need to inspect and make sure none of the nozzles get clogged.

What benefits do you get from smart irrigation?

The significant benefit of smart irrigation is water conservation. Water conservation, you will have a low utility bill. The above methods of irrigation allow you to have control over the time of irrigation. The time you irrigate improves the output of your farm.

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