Well Water Treatment Systems: How To Get Rid Of Sulfur In Water Well

Well Water Treatment Systems: Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

It is everyone’s desire to have safe and clean drinking water. The best way to achieve this is with a reliable well water treatment systems whenever you smell rotten eggs.

If you notice a smell of rotten eggs in your water, then it is an indication that the water contains high levels of sulfur bacteria combined with hydrogen sulfide gas. The bad smell usually originates from the location from where the water is being supplied.

But if you get the smell when using a water heater, it could be a reaction happening inside the water heater.

Facts about drinking water

  • There are more than 316 chemical elements present in drinking water across the United States
  • The smell of rotten eggs in water is always a sign of high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas
  • There are several ways to treat water containing high levels of hydrogen sulfide

Potential issues with hydrogen sulfide

As mentioned earlier, the major reason for a rotten smell in your water is the presence of hydrogen sulfide. Leaving the problem unresolved can cause damage to your pipes. This is because sulfur reacts with different types of metals.

Consequently, it can lead to the production of black stains on plumbing fixtures and silverware. Although the odor may be strong, the water is still safe for drinking. But it is good to be sure about where the smell is coming from.

In some cases, the odor may be as a result of sewage or other forms of contamination. You should contact a well water treatment systems specialist in South West Florida to carry out an inspection and testing.

What could be the cause of the smell?

The rotten egg smell is caused by sulfur bacteria and Hydrogen Sulfide bacteria commonly found in water supply buildings.

What to do if you experience the rotten egg smell

  • When you start to smell rotten eggs, you should immediately try to find the smell source. Check the taps as well as water supplies within your area.
  • In case the smell is coming from hot water, the problem is likely being caused by the water heater. Call an experienced boiler inspector to fix the issue.
  • If your treated cold water produces the rotten egg smell and the untreated water doesn’t, then it is likely that the water softener contains sulfur bacteria. The best thing to do is to replace the water softener solution.
  • If the rotten egg smell is present in both cold and hot water, the sulfur bacteria is likely coming from the groundwater. It could also be a sign that you have a bigger problem with your water supply system. You can find out if your surrounding neighbors face the same problem and try to seek a solution together.

Improving your drinking water with the right well water treatment systems

One of the best ways to keep your water safe is by using a water filter that eliminates all forms of contaminants from the well.

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